This kit is perfect for licensed estheticians who are traning to become dermaplning specalist. It includes a full kit to prefrom 10 dermaplaning services. I would advise that you complete a dermaplning course before purchacing. 

Dermaplaning Traning Kit

  • 2oz Pomegranate Antioxidant Cleanser

    2oz Green Tea Citrus Cleanser 

    2oz Cucumber Hydration Toner 

    80 Applications Foaming Enzyme Powder

    Light Aloe Moisturizer 

    1oz Love Oil 

    Hydro Jelly Mask Antioxidant Goji 

    10 10R Blades 

    1 Dermaplaning Handel 

    1 Blade Remover  

    2 Silicone bowls 

    1 Fan Brush